Superior & Safe Wound Closure

Strong | Safe | Simple

TopoCryl, a topical skin adhesive bandage, medical device contain cyanoacrylate monomers in purest form and are supplied as a single use medical devices that are very effective in closing wounds, cuts and lacerations and also providing a water resistance protective barrier.

Unique Family of Patented Medical Devices

Easy | Efficient | Economical


TopoCryl family of medical devices are supplied in a patented delivery system enabling quick and easy application of the adhesive to the wound.

The purity and nature of our unique formulations make our devices very effective in closing wounds, cuts and lacerations. Use of TopoCryl skin adhesive bandage on the wound provides for good tensile strength closure.

All products are manufactured under strict quality norms following ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 guidelines.

     Room Temperature Storage

     High Purity

     Great Cosmetic Outcomes

     Easy Application

     Soft Polymer Cannula Delivery


     Microbial Barrier

     Patented Medical Device

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